Elpida - unforgettable diving on the wreck

Wreck of Elpida - a new wreck in Cyprus

The wreck was sunk on 07.12.2019 in the morning, just 1.5 km from the coast of Oroklini in Cyprus. It is located at 27-28.5 meters deep, not far from the famous Zenobia wreck.

Wreck diving is for people with Advanced Open Water Diver or those who want to acquire such rights. The wreck begins at a depth of 15 m but it is tempting to submerge a little deeper, in particular to the great visibility under water which reaches about 30 meters.

The wreck of Elpida is treated as the sister of the wreck of Zenobia - which you must see while in Cyprus.


Best dives - Elpida Wreck, Cyprus

Elpida - unforgettable diving on wreck
We visit caves and wrecks - Cyprus

Caves, wrecks - Cyprus has a lot to offer in the underwater world of the Mediterranean. These places guarantee divers at every level of experience unforgettable experiences and fascinating underwater adventure. IPA Divers will organize for you diving trips around the southeastern tip of the island, to the best spots and spots. Our offer also includes trips to numerous underwater caves and wrecks. We also organize diving courses at all levels, also for freshmen diving. Sometime you need to start! Why not now?

The holiday adventure can be remembered for a very long time when choosing one of the IPA Divers proposals. This offer of active leisure is addressed to people whose main passions are diving and history. The whole will be further enriched with captivating views of the Mediterranean coast.

Why Cyprus This is where there are many unique points that hide more than one historical secret. Sunken wrecks or underwater caves even encourage you to take advantage of expeditionary options. It is worth emphasizing that the destination of the trip will be the Zenobia wreck, and the scale of impressions during such a dive is really amazing. It should be noted, however, that people interested in traveling should have minimal experience, related to controlling the consumption of air in cylinders. In addition to the wreck, you will be able to admire the beauty of the undersea nature, including various species of plants and animals. The memories of such a trip are priceless.

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